dépileur à friction
dépileur à friction
Kriska Industrie, le spécialiste du dépilage
Kriska Industrie, le spécialiste du dépilage

Kriska Industrie: friction feeders for all kind of use.

Our design office is available to work on a solution fitted to your technical requirements and your production line. 


Our after sales service offers: revision, maintenance, technical advice and spare parts orders. We offer spare parts for Kriska feeders but also for Apex Automate feeders.


Our machines are designed and manufactured in France.

Our services:

  • Technical assistance
  • Information and advice
  • Free quotation
  • Installation and start-up
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Spare parts

Contact :

+33 (0)8 26 38 65 00


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